AJCL Alumni

The current staff of AJCL would like to thank our alumni for their role in shaping, managing, and sustaining the Journal during their tenure at The University of Texas.  We hope to leave the next cohort of AJCL members a Journal and an organization that is as good as it was when it was handed over to us.  We understand that the Journal exists in its current state in large part because of the decisions and hard work of each previous Volume’s membership.

Thank you.


There are a number of ways in which AJCL alumni can continue to connect with, support, and impact the Journal and its future:

To make a donation to AJCL, please visit the School of Law Commerce website.

Join our LinkedIn group.

Submit a manuscript for consideration in one of our upcoming issues.

Contact our Managing Editor at Managing.AJCL@gmail.com to arrange an opportunity to meet with current AJCL members.