Crim Law Event, Book Drive, and Galley Edits

A criminal-law related event is happening this week:

The Federalist Society is hosting a “Cops and Criminals” event Tuesday, November 13th at 12pm. The event is non-partisan, and features Jack Kress, who performed the studies that led to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. His event will also feature a firearm simulation exercise that replicates portions of training that NYC PD officers undergo, and helps the audience to understand the dilemma police officers face when they confront situations in which they must decide whether or not to employ deadly force. You can find more information about him here:

In addition, next week we will be hosting a book drive for the Inside Books Project to provide books to incarcerated individuals throughout Texas.

Have a nice week everyone… and look for galley edits during office hours the next couple of weeks.