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Volume 44:2 (Fall 2017)


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The Blurred Blue Line: Reform in an Era of Public and Private Policing
Seth W. Stoughton
Page 117

State v. Brelo and the Problem of Actual Causation
Ben Gifford
Page 157

The Co-Production of Security in the United States and France
Thierry Delpeuch and Jacqueline E. Ross
Page 187

Time for a Divorce: Uncoupling Drug Offenses from Violent Offenses in Federal Sentencing Law, Policy, and Practice
Lucius T. Outlaw III
Page 217

Healthcare’s Ticking Time Bomb: The 60-Day Rule and Kane
Vincent A. Recca
Page 239

Changing Tack in the Night: The Supreme Court’s Misapplication of Katz
Ari Herbert
Page 253

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